DOLA — Parenting is the most difficult and challenging job you will ever do. Children don’t come with instruction books; it is difficult to know what to do when your children misbehave. It is also hard to know how to help them grow up in the best way. Research shows that parents still have the greatest influence on their kids, more than anything or anyone else. You are your child’s best bet for a safe, happy and fulfilling life. Be involved with your kids. Talk with your kids. Active Parenting Now gives you great practical ways to connect and stay connected with your children.

OSU Extension, Hardin Northern Library, Hardin Northern Community Center, and the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund are offering parents of school aged children an opportunity to intentionally explore how to be the greatest influence on their kids. They will be offering a series of six hourly sessions of Active Parenting Now for all adults who are caring for children during the Hardin Northern Library’s Summer Reading weekly programs. The programs will be held at the Hardin Northern Community Center. The dates are June 2, June 10, June 19, June 26, July 1 and July 8. Register by phoning the Extension office at 419-674-2297, e-mailing or go on-line to register at