ADA — During it’s regular meeting, Ada council members were shown one of four new handheld radios by Michael Harnishfeger, Ada Chief of Police.  The radios connect the Ada Police with the Hardin County Sheriff’s office, increasing efficiency and improving service.  The radios will be kept in the cruisers and will cost the department $20 per radio each month, a small cost for such a valuable gain.  

Harnishfeger also discussed the upcoming Citizens Police Academy which will begin Aug. 21 (application deadline Aug. 15) and is open to the public. The cost is $20.  It is the goal of the program to help citizens become better prepared to assist law enforcement and work together to keep Ada safe. In addition, the Ada Police Department is currently accepting applications for employment and urges anyone interested in a career in law enforcement to apply.
Council approved a motion to donate an hour use of the pool and pool staff to Restore Community Center for their kids program Picnic in the Park. On the last day of the program, Restore celebrates with a pool party for all local kids. It is a nice closure to summer and their way of wishing the participants well on the start of a new school year.  This year the party will be held on Friday, Aug. 8. from 12 to 1 p.m.  Calvin Fisher or Katie Conley at Restore should be contacted for more information.
Numerous town improvements were discussed during the meeting as well.  The water tower has a new shine to it after being cleaned.  Over time, mold develops on the outside of the tower as a result of condensation.  It is removed and the tower is sprayed to slow down the regrowth process.  The Century 21 building is expected to receive some repair to the outside brick soon to improve appearance and prevent future crumbling of the structure.  A sidewalk panel in front of the Post Office that currently poses a trip hazard is scheduled to be corrected.  Jamie Hall, Assistance Village Administration, shared details about a quick and efficient procedure where a concrete company will drill a hole in the raised slab and inject a material underneath which will level the area.  This procedure is also expected to prevent future issues brought on by freezing and thawing of the ground.
Terry Kiser of Ohio Northern University was in attendance to share with Council a project that would convert empty acreage into prairies.  The plan is to take land that is unleveled and difficult to mow and level and plant wildflowers which will improve the ecosystems of insects, especially honey bees.  Due to the honey bee’s role in farming and pollination, the acreage selected will be within a specific distance from farm land.  Students will do the work needed to convert the acreage.  They did similar work last year to an area behind The Inn at ONU.  Prior to their work, the area couldn’t be traveled. Kiser once got his golf cart stuck during an inspection. Now the ground shows much improvement.  It is expected to take two years for a complete transformation.  
Council was pleased to have multiple citizens present for the meeting and always welcome public updates and presentations.  Overall, Council members received positive news about projects throughout the village.  All departments continue to strive for excellence and constantly improve Ada.