ADA — The Ada Exempted Village School Board gathered last week for their first meeting of the new school year. The overall meeting was very positive and members shared their excitement for the new year. While board members held a brief executive session, Assistant Principal Ben Thaxton played a video made by last year’s seniors. It was a great compilation of moments and memories from their years at Ada Schools.

Robin VanBuskirk, K-12 Principal, shared a report about the hiring process of ten new teachers. It was a busy summer interviewing multiple applicants, but they are very happy about the new-hires. “We are proud to add great teachers to an already great staff.”

The board was excited to hear from Assistant Principal Dan Lee about the launch of Ada’s first dual enrollment classes. Students are now able to take courses at Ada and receive college credit from either Ohio Northern University or Rhodes State College. The program sets guidelines for the school to follow and teachers of dual classes must have a masters degree. Students who meet the prerequisites could chose classes in Advanced Chemistry, Physics, Art 4, Technology, Graphics, and Communications.

Thaxton updated the boards on the status of new laptops for teachers. They have been purchased and will be distributed soon. The board agreed it was a much needed upgrade. Over the summer all teachers and staff were switched over to gmail.

Cafeteria Manager Ann Hersey had a great report from the first day of lunch. She said, “It was busy but went very smooth.” She said everyone is looking forward to the new 6-12 salad bar that will be open after Labor Day. The idea is to increase the fresh fruits and vegetables kids are eating. Hersey said there isn’t a limit but just one rule: “Take what you want but eat what you take.”