Ada School is going blue this week in support of Autism Awareness. Autism is a complex developmental disability, which primarily affects a person’s ability with social interaction and communication. It is known as a spectrum disorder, because it affects each individual in different ways and to varying degrees. Ada’s speech therapist, Sherry Miller said that this is the school’s first Autism Spirit week. According to Miller, the students and staff are excited about taking time to celebrate, understand and raise awareness for Autism. Elementary students created puzzle piece artwork which teachers then fit together and hung on the walls. Each individual piece is unique and different, a reflection of the young artist who made it. Some have hearts and some are sports themed, while a few were simply a mix of bright colors and shapes. While no two pieces look alike, they all fit together to create a one of a kind master piece. Just like the puzzle artwork, students with Autism are just a piece of the big picture at Ada Schools. While they are different, so is everyone else. “Our Autistic students fit in, they are loved by their friends and we just wanted to participate in Autism Awareness and remind everyone that different is awesome,” said Miller.

Students will dress up all week in support of Autism Awareness. Monday was Marvel Monday, and students dressed as superheros to remind each other that there is a superhero inside of everyone. On Tuesday, the theme was tie-dye to symbolize that while each person is different, when they spread love and kindness they can blend together. Dressed in work out gear, students arrived on Wednesday ready to always work together. Thursday’s theme, pajama day, is a favorite among students. Everyone dressed in their best PJs to help make dreams come true. Finally on Friday, students will dress in head to toe blue. Blue is the color that stands for Autism Awareness, and the goal of staff and students is to light up the school in every shade of blue possible.