ADA — The BBB reports that consumers in our area are receiving phone calls from individuals claiming they are from Publishers Clearing House.

The caller states you have won millions of dollars and a brand new car. The caller instructs you to purchase a green dot card and call them back with the number on the green dot card. The caller states once you have purchased the card and called them back, a person will come to your door and deliver the big prize money along with the new car within an hour.

Once you have purchased a green dot and called this person back, the card is activated and the money is withdrawn. Once the money is taken from the card there is no way to get the money back.

These calls are originated from Jamaica, area code 876.

These callers are impersonating a real, legitimate sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House. Remember, if you are a winner of a real sweepstakes, you are not asked to send money.

Consumers are advised to contact the BBB about these phone calls.