ADA — The owner of a new wine and craft beer establishment in Ada made a formal request for outdoor seating to the Ada Village Council Tuesday. Mark Reineke, owner of the Cask Room, also owns Vino Bellissimo on Shawnee Road in Lima.

If the request is granted, he would like to put three to four two-seat bistro tables on the sidewalk in front of the building located between China King and Mad About Nails on South Main Street. The tables outdoor seating area would also extend in front of a portion of China King. The tables would allow Cask Room patrons to enjoy a glass of wine or beer outside during good weather.

“We want you to sit and enjoy your time,” Reineke said.”We want to make sure your experience is unique and enjoyable.”

Reineke has been in contact with a Liquor Control agent about his plan. Regulations would include a chain around the seating and a sign indicating the exit and entrance of the area. Councilors viewed photographs of restaurants with outdoor seating in Findlay similar to what could be done at the Cask Room.

“I’m charged to ensure that the public thoroughfares are open. We take it really seriously with the streets and with the alleys. This is really the first challenge to the thoroughfare on the sidewalks that has become an official request,” said Mayor David Retterer.

One concern of the council is the potential for other establishments to make the same request. A remedy of that concern mentioned was to limit the possibility of outdoor seating to buildings with a certain sidewalk width.

Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger and Ada Legal Counsel Jane Napier also expressed concerns about the request, among them, village liability for any accidents caused by obstructing the sidewalk and the potential for vandalism at the wine bar.

Reineke expressed his willingness to follow any regulations put in place by council regarding the seating area.

Council did not make a decision regarding the request but will continue to discuss the matter at future meetings. Reineke hopes to open the Cask Room within the next several weeks.