On April 4th, Rite Aid in Ada will officially reopen as a wellness store. The overall goal for the store, according to Manager Tim Babcock, is to be better able support their customers. Babcock says they want to be more than just a prescription refill center, they want to assist all customers, young and old. Some of the most noticeable changes are the organization and height of the shelves. Shelves were lowered to make it easier for customers to safely reach items. Additionally, each isle is now well labeled. The overall layout is that of long wide rows to offer simplicity for shoppers. Rows were made wider to accommodate wheel chairs. The store associates are excited about the new shopping baskets, which are all a part of the new wellness center. Baskets now have easy to grip handles, as well as wheels on the bottom and an extendable handle so customers who can not carry the basket can pull it behind them. Ohio Northern Students often shop at Rite Aid. Now they will find healthier options and an easy to access cold drink cabinet when they first walk into the store. Makeup items are displayed along the back wall, and brand names are bright and identifiable. According to staff, the younger generation of customers are very excited about the nail polish bar located just to the right of the entrance. It offers a wide selection of colors and brands at customers fingertips. Rite Aid now carries many gluten free food and snack options as well. Gluten allergies are becoming more prevalent, and it is Rite Aid’s goal to make sure they have something for everyone. An entire row of gluten free items can be found located towards the front left side of the store. Upon closer inspection, customers will find that the make-over goes much deeper than a coat of paint and a new layout. Medications are now organized based on their uses. For example, all of the children’s remedies are located in one spot. Previously, a parent with a sick child might have to search in multiple locations to purchase something for a cold, a fever and an upset stomach, but now all the products designated for sick children are located in one isle. Over the next few weeks, Rite Aid will have numerous sales in celebration of their reopening. Babcock encourages customers to stop in and check out the new store. Rite Aid has a new look, but the same great staff, all of which are ready to help their customers find wellness within the new store. “My staff worked very hard,” Babcock said. “I am proud of what we have accomplished and what we now offer Ada.”