ADA — On Saturday Les Stroud, known by many as Survivor Man, took to the stage at the Freed Center at Ohio Northern University. Stroud is the creator and star of Survivor Man, a survival show that fifteen years ago touched viewers across Canada and the United States. He is the only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone and is coined the original genre creator of “survival TV”. ( With the goal of connecting the world to nature, Stroud goes beyond the TV screen to bring his live music tour all across the country. The live show featured a unique mixture of Stroud’s adventures, film making and music, but above all else his passion for life and protecting nature was clear.  
Stroud shared that before he was known as Survivor Man, he was an outdoor adventure guide, but he has always had a passion for singing and writing songs.
“When I was 14 I found rock & roll” said Stroud.
He pursued a successful music career until he was 24 years old and decided it was time to walk away. Stroud said that he never had the guidance that he needed to develop his talents, and he “hated the music of the 80s.”  
After leaving music, Stroud started taking classes and became an adventure guide gaining experiences that eventually lead him to the idea of Survivor Man.
The main focus of his performance is to share his film work and sing the songs he has written. Stroud referred to much of his music as “dark”, because he paints a very vivid picture of the state of the world’s abuse of the Earth. It was clear that Stroud has a deep passion for opening the eyes of his audience to the beauty and value of nature. He asked people to think about how “your children must live by the choices you make now.” The message in his music is a plea to the world to stand up for the Earth, to protect nature.  
During a break, Stroud answered questions from the crowd. A Survivor Man fan asked about the ending of one of his most recent shows, where he was shown stranded in a tree while a tiger circled the bottom. Stroud said “I’m here so obviously I got out alive, that clip was just a bit of creative fun. Eventually the sun came up and the tiger left.”  While filming Survivor Man, Stroud said there are moments where he has to “take off the videographer hat and put on the survivor hat”. Survivor Man is different than other adventure shows on T.V., because Stroud goes out into the wilderness with no crew, no survival equipment and no connection to his team. Keeping safe is always his number one priority. “If I get bitten out there, it becomes a body recovery not a rescue” said Stroud.
There is no denying the fact that Stroud aka Survivor Man is a television icon, but as he stood on stage and “jammed” some of his favorite songs for an appreciative crowd; it was as if he was in a room of friends and family. Stroud joked back and forth with the audience and spoke with a relaxed and honest nature you would expect to find in a small town like Ada. There were no gimmicks in the performance; what you saw was just a man who loves the Earth and hopes his talents can touch the lives of those around him.