Aug. 24
Assist EMS on W. Buckeye
Assist other agency
Assist EMS on W. Lima

Aug. 25
Handled a 9-1-1 hang up on Ream that was unfounded
Assist Fire on E. Montford
Assist EMS on Grandview

Aug. 26
Property damage accident report taken with citation given for Assured Clear Distance Ahead
Investigated a possible break in — was unfounded

Aug. 27
Assist other agency
Responded to a call for a prowler
Handled a verbal dispute
Took a report for threats
Responded to a 9-1-1 hang up
Took a report for property damage
Traffic stop with warning given for no turn signal and stop sign
Report taken for assault

Aug. 28
Investigated an open door found at a residence
Responded to an unwanted person complaint
Assist other agency Assist EMS on N. Gilbert
Handled two loud party complaints on W. Buckeye shutting down

Aug. 29
Traffic stop with warning given for failure to display
Responded to a fight complaint
Handled a suspicious person complaint

Aug. 30
Report taken for harassment
Traffic stop with citation and report for OVI
Traffic stop with citation given for stop sign violation