Aug. 31

Assist Fire on S. Main

Assist other agency

Report taken for contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Report taken for assault

Responded to a report of a suspicious person

Sept. 1

Responded to and report taken for a bomb threat

Juvenile complaint in the 500 block of W. Lima

Juvenile complaint on S. Simon

Juvenile complaint with arrest and report taken

Sept. 2

Assist EMS on N. Main with report taken for overdose

Report taken for information only

Responded to a landlord/tenant complaint on E. Lincoln

Assist other agency

Assist EMS on N. Main

Sept. 3

Letters sent for two property violations

Traffic stop with warning given for stop sign

Handled an animal complaint

Investigated incident with report taken for counterfeit money

Sept. 4

Assist EMS at ONU

Assist other agency

Handled a threat complaint

Report taken for stolen property

Sept. 5

Traffic stop with citation for stop sign

Traffic stop with citation issued for reckless operation

Sept. 6

Report taken and summons issued for underage consumption

Investigate a complaint on E. Lincoln


Sept. 7

Report taken for theft on E. Lehr

Injury accident report taken with citation issued for failure to yield

Report taken for domestic