ADA — Bulldog downtown senior banners (Part 2)?

With the pandemic still in play, there is the possibility that, like last year, a number of traditional high school senior events might be limited again this spring.

In turn, Ada High School senior parents, and others, are strategizing about how to, nonetheless, make it both a meaningful and memorable time for the students.

With this in mind, a group of AHS senior parents have preliminarily approached Ada Village Administrator Jamie Hall about, again, doing downtown banners displaying the 2021 seniors.

Mr. Hall said that he was tremendously heartened with how the project last year was fast tracked through council. And he anticipates a similar response if this year’s proposal comes before council. (Mr. Hall said last year’s banner installation included all the Ada seniors, including those graduating through the Apollo Program.)

“The banners were quite well received around the village,” said Mr. Hall.

He continued that the light poles downtown are already fitted with banner brackets because of the winter and summer village banners that are annually displayed.

So, the parents last year ordered banners that would fit on the pre-existing brackets.

What’s more, Mr. Hall said that the senior parents last year did general fundraising so there would be enough money for all the banners, sparing parents who might be a bit less well off financially, with struggling to come up with the cost of a banner on their own.

Mr. Hall also said that last year council okayed the village street crew putting the banners up and taking them down at the village’s expense. This not only saved the parents time and money, but also nullified any liability issues, and such. The senior banners were left up approximately a month, to a month and a half. They were hung four to a pole, and the bright banner colors, and the students’ even brighter smiles, really lit up the downtown.

As Mr. Hall said that he was impressed with council, he said he was also tremendously impressed with the senior parents, both last year and this, who, quite earnestly, wanted to “…support and honor their seniors.”