Deb Curlis
Deb Curlis

Ada — The Ada Chamber of Commerce has been busy in these recent times tracking and updating business closures, and the businesses that have stayed completely, or partially, open the last few weeks.

Businesses/restaurants that are currently still operating on some level in Ada include: New China, Four Seasons Drive Thru, Three Brothers Pizza, Jalapeno’s, China King, McDonalds, Pardons, 302 Carry Out, Subway, East of Chicago Pizza, Taco Bell, Viva Marie, No limit Nutrition, The Inn and El Campo Mexican Restaurant. What’s more, both village gas stations remain open, as does Dollar General, Community Market, Rite Aid, Keith’s Hardware, Tommy Tires, NAPA Auto Parts. The village banks have gone to “Drive-thru” only now, and the local churches have all gone to online services.

Deb Curlis, who has been director of the Chamber since Jan. 2018, and president of it for five years prior, is tremendously familiar with the business climate/ethos in the village.

“I know we will stick together and help each other through this crisis,” she said.

As just one example, Ms. Curlis said she just heard a story of an “anonymous donor” buying pizza for the staff at Van Crest Nursing home. [In Bluffton, there are stories of town people ordering pizzas and paying three times the price, or simply stopping in and “donating” to various businesses. And a “Gofundme” page, with a goal of $25,000, has been started by a Bluffton resident to help area restaurants and shops.]

“Right now we are encouraging people to help our businesses that are open here, instead of traveling to other cities,” Ms. Curlis continued.

She said the Chamber’s Facebook page has been quite active of late, not only with changing business information, but even with many ideas for games, recipes, crafts… to do at home during the Ohio “Shelter in Place” mandate.

Ms. Curlis said she has been fielding considerable call traffic in regard to, not only business questions, but referrals for other services, and this one rather unusual call from Pontiac, Michigan.

The caller wanted to know if the Wilson Factory was going to be making: masks? Ms. Curlis said not to her knowledge. To contact the Chamber (sans the “Wilson question”) call: 419-788-9459, or go to their “Ada Area Chamber of Commerce” Facebook page.

Note: What also remains open, in part, is Ada’s Beatitudes in regard to distributing “commodity food boxes” to those in need once a month (daily meals there have been suspended, however). Ms. Curlis, who is also this organization’s fundraising director, said anyone running out of food and not able to get to the grocery store, can call Beatitudes at: 419-558-1015.