By Marin Cook

Herald Correspondent

ADA — For being such a small village, Ada, Ohio has an abundance of opportunities and activities for the community to experience and the list is continuing to grow. On Saturday April 28, Rayel Rose and Rachel Daley held a shop-and-sip at Rose’s home to promote their new business, Dear Darling.

Dear Darling is a new boutique that will soon open in Ada. Partners Rose and Daley have run the business online since black friday of 2017 and finally decided to bring their dream  into real life. The idea of creating their own business came from Rose’s husband. While vacationing in Florida, Mr. Rose noticed the compliments Rayel was receiving on her outfit and suggested she turn her love for affordable fashion into a business.

“I never imagined making a career out of this but I really love it,” Rose said.

Initially, the idea of turning their online store into a 3D reality had not crossed the minds of the two co-owners.

“Rachel has a family and my husband and I would like to eventually start one so we wanted to make sure the boutique would not get in the way of that,” Rose said. “We love the idea of being able to meet with and connect with customers in person and give them the opportunities to try on the clothes but ultimately, God and family come first.”

Dear Darling began and revolves around selflessness. Rose says

“I wanted this to be a way we can give back to the community by helping women feel confident in who they are and the qualities God has given them,” Rose said. The boutique’s name comes from a bible verse in the book of Solomon that both girls admire and saw fitting for their mission.

Rose and Daley began renovations on Tuesday, May 1, but do not yet have an exact date for the grand opening, which will include a ribbon cutting and other festivities.

This is a great addition to the Ada community and they hope to have a successful turnout for their grand opening in the weeks to come.