Dr. Emily Janovyak, Deb Helser, and Melanie Butterfield
Dr. Emily Janovyak, Deb Helser, and Melanie Butterfield
HARDIN COUNTY — Late last year, Melanie Butterfield, an Ambassador Level Girl Scout from Troop 20301, Alger received her Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts that can only be earned by Senior and Ambassadors in the organization. Only five percent of eligible Girl Scouts successfully earn this award.
In order to achieve this goal Melanie had to first find a project that she was passionate about. She chose to organize a workshop for the public on Responsible Pet Ownership.
She then had to investigate it thoroughly. She had to research her topic and identify everything she could that pertained to the issue.
She had to build a team. Her team was consisted of two speakers and 16 volunteers from her Girl Scout troop, her Venture Crew 601, and youth from Auglaize Bible Church. The total hours of the project were over 160 hours.
She had to then create a plan. She saw a need with over populated animal shelters and many stray cats and dogs. She had hopes that her workshop would call attention to this issue, to consider what kind of responsibility came along with becoming a pet owner and cause people to consider fostering or adoption.
She then had to present her plan and gather feedback from the Girl Scout committee in hopes of being approved to proceed with her project.
She then took action. She gathered her team and carried out her plan. She had 41 people in attendance on October 21st as she and her two speakers spoke on the importance of pet care.
Her goal for this project was to educate and inspire others. By telling her story of how she became a responsible pet owner of three rescued dogs and many barn cats she hopes that others see the need to continue in her footsteps in caring for homeless animals.
She had Deb Helser, founder of Deb’s Dogs as her first speaker. Deb told the crowd about her organization and what is involved in rescuing and adopting pets. She also informed them about fostering pets which frees up room in her home for other animals. She informed the crowd of a fostering program within the local prison. Melanie also had her local veterinarian, Dr. Emily Janovyak, from Metz Petz, speak to them about basic dog care and the importance of spaying and neutering your cat or dog. Following the scheduled speakers Mr. Monty Siekerman briefly educated the people on the progress being made on the Ada dog park.
Melanie is a 17 year old homeschool Senior and student at Rhodes State College. She is the daughter of Randy and Angie Butterfield.