All the clothing items in Beatitudes, including signature ONU and Ada schools Bulldog stuff, is just $1 a piece.  (Herald / Joe Schriner)
All the clothing items in Beatitudes, including signature ONU and Ada schools Bulldog stuff, is just $1 a piece. (Herald / Joe Schriner)

ADA -- Beatitudes Director Deb Curlis, who has been with Beatitudes for three years, said she anticipates this upcoming winter season could well be the worst one, economically, that she’s experienced in her tenure. And Beatitudes is gearing up in a big way.

But first, and to underscore Ms. Curlis’s concern, the Consumer Price Index, which is a metric for goods and services, shows inflation in America is now at 8.3%. (In England it’s now over 10%.)

Coupled with the price of goods and services rising, so are, for instance, rents. And many of the people Beatitudes serves, rent.

And there’s more…

According to “Everyday Money News,” American households could see a price hike of up to 34% for heating bills this winter season.

The average cost for heating a home this season is forecast at $1,202. 

Just two years prior, it was $888, according to the Everyday Money publication.

Beatitudes will, at times, help people with utility bills. As it will, at other times, help people with rent, including regularly helping with apartment security deposits.

Ms. Curlis said, often, that people at the lower end of the social economic strata, when moving to the area, will have money for the first month’s rent, but not the security deposit. These people, frequently, are living pay check to pay check.

Beatitudes also has a food pantry and they regularly give out, not only bread, canned goods, and such, but Beatitudes also puts on regular Community Meals. These are often attended by seniors on fixed incomes, and this is not only a help to them financially, but helps further community bonding, with many “regulars” showing up for the meals.

Ms. Curlis also noted that all the clothing items in Beatitudes sell for only a dollar a piece. This is a tremendous savings, especially for families.

Beatitudes runs primarily on donations, from individual community members, and also from area churches. And besides the regular month to month services at Beatitudes, it also celebrates special events, with the next one being a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Ms. Curlis, who also does some of the cooking, said she anticipates preparing Thanksgiving meals for over 100 people this year. It was 90 meals last year. This meal is scheduled for Tuesday Nov. 22 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Some people will dine in, while others can take the meal to go.

What’s more, Saturday Dec. 3, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., children can bring in Christmas lists to Beatitudes for their entire family. And ONU students and Kenton Key Club members will be there to help the children with picking out the free items, Ms. Curlis added.