Mel Rentschler
Mel Rentschler

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Born in 1967 Marion, Ohio.  I grew up in Marion, Ohio graduating from Marion Harding in 1985.

What brought you to this area? Or kept you here?
I spent the majority of my adult life in Liberty Center, Ohio as a teacher, coach and principal. After my youngest child graduated from high school, I pursued a superintendent’s position and was hired at Allen East 5 years ago. There are a lot of fantastic things happening at Allen East that are inspiring and keeps me young.

What is your occupation?
 I am an educator of 1,200 students and over 110 employees. Best job in the world - Superintendent.

Why do you love what you do?
I work in a school district that houses preschool through 12th graders in one building.  I get to see 3 year olds grow up in front of me and watch teenagers become young adults.  Children are special and it is a privilege to serve them on a daily basis.  It is exciting to see a young person overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Best day of the year for me is graduation day

What is your favorite thing about this community?
The community cares deeply for their children giving the school financial and emotional support.  Whenever there is a need, the Allen East community always rallies to take care of community members who are facing difficulties.

What are you involved within the community?
Being a superintendent is a 24/7 occupation so my life is everything Allen East.

What are some of your hobbies?
I enjoy reading biographies and historical novels. I also enjoy working out and watching all sports.  I really enjoy watching the BRASS and seeing Allen East kids succeed at all things in the arts realm. I am amazed at kids who can play an instrument, sing and paint!