Ada’s Junior Beta Club organized a fundraiser that allows students in grades six through eight to raise money to help the fight against cancer. Pennies for Patients is a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. According to their website, Pennies for Patients campaigns have raised millions of dollars over the last two decades thanks to the hard work of student such as Ada’s all across the country.

Middle schoolers kicked off the fundraiser with a presentation from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. During the presentation, students learned about how the funds are used to support those fighting blood cancers. According to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, every three minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every nine minutes someone dies. That means in every seven hour school day, 140 people will be diagnosed with a blood cancer, and 42 people will lose their battle. “It is important that kids do their part to raise money for cancer research, because when they grow up they could be affected by cancer or have a family member who is affected by cancer,” Beta Club Secretary alex Bates said. “By raising money now, they could possibly help find a cure and save that person’s life.”

The Junior Beta Club decided to raise Pennies for Patients because they understand the importance of cancer research. It is estimated that one in three people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. At that rate, everyone at least knows someone who has been affected by cancer. The idea behind Pennies for Patients is that spare change, when donated, can add up and make a difference. Bates said the club wanted something that was easy to do and easy to get people to participate.

The students set a goal of $2000. To create enthusiasm, the class with the most “pennies” donated will earn a pizza party. Friends and family can go to the fundraising page and select their student’s class when they donate or simply bag up all their spare change and send it in. Ada is nearly half way to meeting their goal, and hope to be able to raise the full amount by the end of the fundraiser, doing their part to fight back against cancer. Superintendent Meri Skilliter expressed her pride at seeing the students taking part in such an impactful fundraiser. Skilliter said part of the district mission is to ensure students gain vital experiences in citizenship, philanthropy and service. “We hope fundraisers like this allow students to experience the joy of helping others, so they will continue to strive to help others, even after they graduate.” Skilliter said.