ADA — It’s bizarre.

Well, actually no, it’s a bazaar. And a bazaar that is probably the most popular one in Ada every year. Although, okay, I’m not sure if Ada has other bazaars. I haven’t asked. But that’s beside the point.

The point is the annual Church Bazaar is this Monday, Nov. 11.

Bazaar coordinator Ann Hood (her sidekick in this is Rachel Claire) said it’s a tradition that dates back more than 40 years. It actually started as a “Christmas Bazaar,” but has since broadened to be a, well, “all-purpose bazaar,” with a twist. Food.

Homemade food.

Lunch, 11 to 1, is homemade soup and sandwiches. Dinner, 4:30 to 6:30, is roast beef, mashed potatoes, and, for instance, that green bean casserole your grandmother made.

And there are baskets, a bunch of baskets.

No basket the same, and most a cornucopia of stuff, well, you put in a basket. Ann said these can be combinations of, say, a DVD movie, hot chocolate packets, a blanket… All the way up to, like, a bicycle. (Must be a BIG basket on that one, huh.)

Actually, some of the auction stuff are individual items like bicycles, crock pots, Wilson footballs (now there’s a novelty in Ada, huh.)…

With the bazaar always falling around Veterans Day (this day it’s on that day exact), Veterans get discounts on food, crafts, and such, said Ann.

She explained the proceeds from the bazaar go to fund things like youth group activities, and so on. What’s more, Ann said the bazaar is not only good for the community, but with all the church parishioners chipping in to help, it builds a tremendous amount of inter-church camaraderie as well.

Ann emphasized that while she is, in part, helping coordinate the event, it is a real “team effort.”

And Ann said it’s not unusual to get some 150 people, or more, attending the bazaar.

She said the protocol on the baskets is to pick the one(s) you like, and buy chances (a buck apiece) on that particular basket. At the end of the evening, a drawing is held.

Ann said she anticipates having 35 to 40 baskets (and other individual items) on hand this year.