The Lima Symphony Orchestra took the audience back to 1812, then to Austria, then to, well, deep space - Ada Herald
The Lima Symphony Orchestra took the audience back to 1812, then to Austria, then to, well, deep space. (Ada Herald/Joe Schriner)

ADA — Musical fireworks!

That’s what the audience of 500 strong experienced with the Annual “Patriotic Pops” event Saturday evening at ONU.

Because of the threat of nature’s own fireworks, thunderstorms, the event was moved last minute to inside ONU’s sports arena.

It was a BYOC (Bring Your Own (lawn) Chairs) event. And the colorful, and tremendously diverse, seats kind of looked like an Andy Warhol, or even Christo, art installation – atop, appropriately enough, “the (artificial) green” of the indoor tennis courts.

And the audience attire included a good number of flag shirts, flag dresses, and this one guy’s shirt not only prominently featured a (retro) flag, but even some of the words to the Constitution.

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, have come to ONU this night to…”

Okay, I made that last part up.

But I’m not making up that the music this evening was off-the-charts excellent!

Starting with none other than the Lima Symphony Orchestra.

They played such patriotic pieces as: “America the Beautiful,” of course; the “1812 Overture” (not to be confused with the “1817 Overture”); the theme score from the “Sound of Music” (expanding to Austrian patriotism); and the theme score from Star Wars (expanding yet even further out to inter-galactic patriotism). ‘Going where no symphony has gone before,’ or something like that.

The Symphony played two sets.

In between was Ada’s own the “Noteworthy Community Choir.”

Of ‘note,’ was that they played a delightful medley of ‘40s tunes, including one with the awful risqué lyrics: “Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get them peepers…”

However, what brought the house down, or rather ‘up,’ was their version of the song: “I’m Proud to be an American.”

When the singers got to the lyrics (about the flag): “I’d gladly stand up and defend her yet today…”, everyone in the room spontaneously stood to their feet and began enthusiastically waving small flags that had been passed out earlier. Pride swelling.

The singing group’s Cindy Bandish said afterwards that she had been “tremendously moved” by the scene. Ms. Bandish said this is the second year in a row that the group has sung at the event.

They also sing around Hardin County at nursing homes, civic gatherins, and such. The group was started by Vicki Mills, of Ada’s Vicki’s Music Studio, four years ago.

Also during the event, ONU President Dan DiBiasio took the microphone, thanked the sponsors, thanked the musicians, noted that the event is five years running now, and expressed hope it would continue going strong long into the future.

You, indeed, could tell most of the audience felt the same.