By Jodi Thiel

Public Relations Coordinator

Hardin Northern School

Hardin Northern had 2 drone racing teams qualify for Nationals in Denver, Colorado this year. They competed against teams from all over the United States. They traveled there this week. So proud of these students and the hard work they put into this to get HN to Nationals!!!

Here are the results of Hardin Northern’s 2 Drone Teams going to Nationals in Denver!

Polar Props got Runner-ups in the Nation overall !!! 2nd year in a row! The team won a drone from Skydio Drone valued at $2,500!

Portfolio and Display-

2nd place in the nation year for Polar Props

Design & Engineering-

1st in Nation-Polar Props

4th in Nation-Top Drone

Capture the Flag-

3rd in the Nation-Polar Props

5th in the Nation-Top Drone

Head-to Head-

4th in the Nation-Polar Props

5th in the Nation-Top Drone

Polar Props Team-

Preston Grappy

Justin Thiel

Bekah Allen

Carl Woodruff

Leif Trachsel

Riley Newton

Top Drone HN Team-

Cody Thiel

Kruz Curtis

Luke Price

Marianne Woodruff

Brayden Wells

Heidi Trachsel

Izzy Morrison