On Wednesday, Jan. 3, at approximately 11:30 p.m., the 302 Carryout, Ada, was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money.

According to the Ada Police Department, a white man wearing a dark blue hoodie and dark colored sweatpants entered the carryout and demanded money. The Ada PD further noted that the individual did not brandish a weapon.

Utilizing social media, a request was made to the public by law enforcement asking for assistance in apprehending the individual. That request, apparently, was answered.

On Monday, Jan. 8, according to Ada Chief of Police Michael Harnishfegger, a warrant was obtained for the arrest of Clark E. Sturgeon, 42, Lima. Already incarcerated in the Miami County Jail in Troy on unrelated charges, Sturgeon now faces an additional third degree felony robbery charge in Hardin County, a charge that carries with it a possible one to three-year prison sentence.

“The Ada Police Department would like to thank the public for their great assistance in resolving this crime,” Harnishfegger said in a release. “Ada is a SAFER (Seeking Aid From Every Resident) Community because of the excellent relationship between the police and the public.”