The Ada High School Yearbook class is excited about this year’s yearbook theme – setting the gold standard. Students are proud to offer their classmates a book full of memories and once in a lifetime moments from the 2016-2017 school year. Madie Skiver, head of the design department, says not only is this yearbook the best she has seen, but it is also much cheaper to purchase than books in the past. Typically, yearbooks cost $65. While there is nothing that quite compares to the history found inside a school yearbook, that is a lot of money. Many parents have more than one student, making it impossible to afford.

According to yearbook advisor and teacher Anna Yoakam, the school switched printing companies which allows them to sell yearbooks for $25 this year. Out of roughly 500 students represented in the yearbook, an average of only 100 students purchase them. Currently all the yearbook students are working on advertising projects to help promote sales. Joining yearbook is a big commitment, not only is the class graded, but it meets every day for the entire year.

Skiver reached out to the Ada Herald in an attempt to market the yearbooks to parents. “We just want parents to know that the books are more affordable this year,” said Skiver. She says that yearbooks, memories in general, have always been important to her, but she knows that not every student cares about getting a yearbook right now. It is her hope that with the more affordable price, parents will be able to purchase books that their kids will one day cherish. “We are so proud of this yearbook; it really covers everything. At Ada all areas of student activities are important, and it is all in the yearbook,” said Skiver.

Unlike most schools, Ada invites students to join yearbook starting as freshmen. Yoakam enjoys watching the mentorship that takes place from the seniors towards the freshmen and sophomores. “These seniors were my first class at Ada. I taught them as eighth graders. This is truly their book,” said Yoakam. Freshman Sam Crawford is only in her first year and already knows it is something she wants to continue being a part of during her high school career. “I wanted to do something different. It has been neat seeing all the work that goes into building a yearbook. I don’t think those outside of the yearbook class realize how much we put into this,” said Crawford.

The theme “Ada Sets the Gold Standard” was chosen in part because the class of 2017 are very competitive. Whether it is the quiz bowl or the championship football game, Ada always strives for the best, so it just made sense said Skiver. However, she went on to say that the theme really goes beyond just the success of the senior class. “Ada as a whole goes for the gold in everything they do,” said Skiver. It is clear that every member of the yearbook team is working hard to ensure that the 2016-2017 yearbook stops the clock and offers students a priceless snapshot of moments to look back on someday when high school is just a memory.

To order a yearbook, purchase one from a previous year or place a business ad, contact Anna Yoakam at Students can purchase 2016-2017 yearbooks at code:4902