ADA — The Ada Police, with the Hardin County Sheriffs Dept. and U.S. Secret Service, executed the arrest of a suspected counterfeiter in Ada last Wednesday, Aug. 21. At Deyond Markus Marvin White’s 102 ½ N. Main St., apt. #5 address, $50,000 in counterfeit currency, and a number of items believed to have been purchased with the counterfeit currency, were discovered.

Mr. White wasn’t there at the time of discovery last week. However, he was later found in Kenton, where he was placed in custody, according to Ada Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger.

The chief said this wasn’t the first counterfeit currency case in Ada, but it did involve the biggest sum of money he can remember here.

According to Chief Harnishfeger, the investigation started approximately a month and a half earlier, when a tip came in about the suspect. The chief said he couldn’t stress strongly enough how, even small pieces of information from citizens, and such, prove extremely helpful to police.

[Because of Ada’s SAFER Program, that involves intentional, and ongoing, liaison between police and community, Ada has consistently been in the top 20 safest municipalities in Ohio, including being 9th safest one year.]

Chief Harnishfeger said other tips subsequently came in on this case, including one person informing police that he had sold the suspect an item and received a counterfeit $100 bill in return.

“That made the math add up for us,” said the Chief, and a warrant was issued shortly after.

The chief said that across the spectrum nationwide, counterfeiting is an extremely prevalent crime. He said the newest version of this is that some people are trying to even counterfeit “bit coins.”

“It’s all just another source of fraud,” said the chief.

Chief Harnishfeger said that the Ada suspect was arraigned earlier this week and bond was set at $25,000.

Subsequent to last week’s raid, officers with the ADA PD, HCSO, and the Kenton Police Department executed a second search warrant at Mr. White’s Ada apartment.

Officers recovered and seized over $6,000 in stolen items, including couches, bedroom furniture, television, jewelry, clothing and other miscellaneous items that were purchased through stolen identities and credit card fraud.

Deyond White is currently being housed at the multi-county jail in Marion, Ohio on charges of possession of $50,000 in counterfeit money and will now face multiple counts of theft, identity theft and credit card fraud.

“This arrest is particularly satisfying as the crime of identity theft can be very difficult to resolve,” Chief Harnishfeger said.

The investigation is ongoing.