Alice poses with Vancrest's Abbie James. The two have developed quite a rapport in the short time Alice has been there - Ada Herald
Alice poses with Vancrest's Abbie James. The two have developed quite a rapport in the short time Alice has been there. (Ada Herald/Joe Schriner)

ADA — In a recap of the last week’s article about 103-year-old Alice Bucher:

Born in 1916, she has seen the advent of radio, television, a moon walk, computers, iPhones, and this year, probably the most exciting of them all: the placement of a “time capsule” in the Ada Municipal Building.

The time capsule isn’t to be opened until 2069. And who knows, the way its going, Alice might still be around then. She’s that resilient!

In the last article, I mentioned Alice and her husband loved motorcycles and road regularly. Alice used to also actually “race” motorcycles at a track in Port Jefferson, Ohio.

Alice, the mother of three, has always been active. She said she did leather tooling, made quilts, sewed her children’s clothes… (She also worked full time at Bluffton’s Triplett Corporation for 30 years.) Alice also liked to fish. She once caught a three-pound bass on a fishing trip to Canada.

And as she was active in all these extra-curriculars, she was also quite active at the Ada Methodist Church, which she still had been attending every Sunday before falling and breaking her hip.

She’s in Vancrest now, at least temporarily, while the hip heals. Up until a few weeks ago, at 102-years-old, she was still living by herself in a home on South Main Street. Alice attributes this to her relatively good health still, Meals on Wheels, and some awful caring neighbors who help her with all sorts of things.

Alice and her husband Dale were married for 57 years. He passed away some 20 years ago. It had been the “ideal marriage,” according to Alice.

And the family was pretty good too, and eventually quite numerous. In fact, I needed a calculator, and calculus, to tally the whole thing up.

Alice’s three kids > 10 grandchildren > 26 great grandchildren > 11 great great grandchildren… And, I mean, if one of the great great grandchildren has a kid, uh, would that be a: “Guinness Book of World Records” kind of thing?

Maybe. I mean, I’ve never heard of, much less met, a great, great, great grandchild. Not that it wouldn’t be, well, ‘great.’ Sorry.

Long before the great great grandchild phenomena, Alice and Dale wanted to buy their first home in Ada in 1939. Their first child was on the way.

But they didn’t have the money for the house. The list price: $1,500.

That’s right, one comma five hundred dollars – FOR A NICE HOUSE!

The down payment was $100.

So the couple sold their motorcycles for the down payment.

Well, it was either that or raising the kids on the back of the bikes. And if those kids ‘couldn’t hold on tight,’ that would have, indeed, been a problem.

But it all worked out.

“I’ve had good times, bad times, but in the end, I’ve been quite lucky,” Alice added. “The way I see it, is it’s always been about the attitude you approach things with.”

And Alice, at 103, is one of the most upbeat people I’ve met in quite some time.

Note: There was a Surprise Party at Vancrest for Alice’s birthday a few weeks back. I’m told her room was packed with people. Which was good, because she was going to need all the help she could get — blowing out the candles.

In fact, the Ada Fire Department was standing by just in case.


*Note: Part of the interviews for this story were done by Abbie James, a Vancrest aid.