Several Ada council members talk with new fiscal officer Keri Mclaughlin (far left) following a recent council hearing at the Depot - Ada Herald
Several Ada council members talk with new fiscal officer Keri Mclaughlin (far left) following a recent council hearing at the Depot. (Ada Herald/Joe Schriner)

ADA — In the wake of the recent dismissal of Ada fiscal officer Crystal Huffer, Ada Village Council has just announced the hiring of new fiscal officer, Kerri Mclaughlin.

Ms. Mclaughlin worked most recently as the fiscal officer for the city of Kenton, and prior to that she worked in Ohio’s State Auditor’s Office.

Council member Don Fleming, who is also both on the Finance and Personnel committees, said Ms. Mclaughlin’s extensive resume and professional acumen duly impressed council.

Fleming said council received nine resumes for the position. And after independent reviews, each member was to come back with their top three picks. Fleming said Ms. Mclaughlin was in practically every member’s short list.

Ms. Mclaughlin is scheduled to start the first week in August.

The last council meeting was held in the Depot at Railroad Park, because Mr. Fleming is temporarily in a wheel chair – and the 2nd floor Council Chambers isn’t handicap accessible. (It will be soon with the addition of the new elevator going in with the current municipal building rehab.)

Mr. Fleming, 76, said after the meeting that he has been experiencing problems with low blood pressure, but is now on the mend. Throughout the physical problems, he has nonetheless stayed quite active with council business.

And part of council business, soon, will be the incremental roll out of cyber security information, not only for the village, but for local cyber consumers in general. Council member Ken Lauria is heading up the new village Cyber Security Committee.

After the meeting, he explained he is preparing training information, and such, not only for council, but by extension (and through the media) for the general public as well. Stay tuned.

Village Administrator Jamie Hall said to ‘stay tuned’ for updates on the intended purchase of a new leaf vacuum system vehicle for the village. The price will be approximately $80,000, and Hall is pursuing grants to defray some of the cost. (Hall had received an okay from council to pursue this at a previous council meeting.)

During a subsequent interview, Hall said the current leaf collecting system/vehicle is quite antiquated (parts are hard to find now), and it takes a number of workers to run it. The modern ones are much more streamlined and automated.

Hall said he’s hoping to have the new leaf collector by mid-October. The first leaf collecting date this year in Ada is slated for Oct. 29.

There won’t be as many leaves in the village proper this year, however, because of the Ada Tree Commission and the HOBY leadership students. Council member (and Tree Commission member) Terry Kaiser said that on a recent Saturday 10 of these students combined with Tree Commission members to trim trees throughout the village.

HOBY students have helped the last eight years with this, said Kaiser. The council member said he was tremendously impressed with the kids’ volunteer spirits and environmental awareness.

HOBY is an acronym for Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership, which revolves around inspiring young people to become a “positive force” in the world. Week-long leadership trainings for high school students are held, not only across this country, but around the world.

Each summer, a regional group of these students meet at ONU.

Mr. Hall also mentioned that the ODOT Main Street Paving Project in Ada will happen this fall, and the village is currently taking bids on a paving project that will involve a patchwork of small projects in eight locations throughout the village.