ADA — Anticipating an empty seat, the Ada Village Council currently seeks a replacement for one council member who will step down mid-term.

Recognizing a conflict between her responsibilities as a village councilor and her drive to serve as a volunteer with the American Red Cross, Councilor Beth Fenton earlier announced her decision to step down from her position with council effective Dec. 1. “(Fenton) is doing more with Red Cross,” Village Administrator Jamie Hall said. “It conflicts with her council schedule — she takes council very seriously — and missing meetings is not what she wants to do for council. With her commitment to Red Cross, she would be missing meetings.”

Qualifications for the seat are listed in Ohio Revised Code 731.12; to whit: Each member of the legislative authority of a village shall have resided in the village one year immediately preceding the member’s election, and shall be an elector of the village. No member of the legislative authority shall hold any other public office, be interested in any contract with the village, or hold employment with said village, except that such member may be a notary public, a member of the state militia, or a volunteer fireman of said village, provided that such member shall not receive any compensation for his services as a volunteer fireman of the village in addition to his regular compensation as a member of the legislative authority. Any member who ceases to possess any of such qualifications or who removes from the village shall forfeit the member’s office.

Qualified village residents interested in assuming the remainder of Fenton’s elected term are encouraged to make their desires known by submitting a letter to the attention of Council President Don Fleming at the Ada Village Offices, 115 West Buckeye Ave., PO Box 292, Ada, Ohio, 45810. Any such letter of interest must be received in the Ada Village Offices by no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, November 30.

As to selection of a new council member, council will conduct interviews of respondants, then, as a body, vote and appoint Fenton’s replacement.