ADA — Ada Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger reported Monday that if everything goes smoothly, “optimistically,” the police should be in their new Municipal Building digs in three weeks.

However, due to the current lobby elevator delays, the “time capsule” won’t go in until after the rest of the work is completed, said the chief.

Nonetheless, Chief Harnishfeger took some time for some fascinating projection on 50 years from now – when the time capsule is slated to be opened.

He said the contents of the capsule were meant to “cover the bases,” when it comes to, say, 2019 police apparatus.

In the future? Anyone’s guess.

So, the chief did. Guess, that is.

Example: One of the Ada officers removed his “duty belt,” with a full complement of police stuff (gun, holster, radio, taser…), and weighed it the other day. Almost 30 lbs.!

And these officers chase fast “bad guys” on foot in these, and with heavy bullet proof vests to boot! Anyway…

The chief said 50 years from now, he believed the duty belt – if there’s even going to be one anymore – would be a lot lighter.

For instance, take the radio.

Chief Harnishfeger said that in the future, that radio might morph into, say, a highly-computerized, multi-dimensional wrist-watch you can talk into.

In fact, the way the new Ada Technology Committee is quickly evolving, Councilmember Ken Lauria might well have these babies for the police, like, next year.

Another possibility 50 years from now might be, for instance, advanced Google eye glasses where an officer merely looks at a vehicle, and a miniature screen in the corner of one lens instantaneously runs the plate.

Whatever the advancements, the chief said he’d like to be there to see them, as he’d like to be there to see the reactions of “the folks in the future” in seeing the technology of our day.

Note: The time capsule also includes a small metal replica of a 2005 police cruiser. One can only imagine the vehicles of 2069. I, for one, would want to be at the “Ada Car Show” that year.