The Village of Ada was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Safest Cities in Ohio by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. Lu Cooke, Northwest Ohio Regional Liaison for Governor John Kasich presented Ada Chief of Police Micheal Harnishfeger with the award at the Tuesday, July 18, Ada Village Council meeting.
The official letter, signed by Governor John R. Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor said “With a strong sense of community and friendly residents, Ada exemplifies characteristics that make living in Ohio great,” Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor said, reading from a letter penned by kasich. “We congratulate you as you receive this distinction and hope Ada continues to be a place residents are proud to call home.”
It was a proud moment for all in attendance.
 As a followup to the previous meeting, Harnishfeger verified some information relating to the K9 program. With respect to a K9 injury or death that occurs while in the line of duty, the Chief was assured that the dog would be covered 24 hours per day, seven days per week, on or off duty. If the dog was killed accidentally at any time, that would also be covered. Any accident related surgery, whether the result of something on or off duty, would be covered up to $2500 with a $100 deductible. The second topic was regarding the guarantee of the new K9.
“Roger Bice advised that the dog is guaranteed even beyond the training period and certification period,” Harnishfeger said. “Rice provides a written guarantee of one year for its health and performance or a K9 of equal value will be replaced at no cost to the village.”
 Cheryl Buckland of Findlay was in attendance and spoke to council about her candidacy for Ohio House of Representative 83rd district seat. Buckland feels that her experience as a small business owner, director of nursing at several health care facilities and director of development in secondary education will support her political approach.
“I’m running because I am a farm girl at heart,” Buckland said in a release. “As a nurse it would be an honor to continue Robert Sprague’s leadership initiatives on the opiate crisis. I am passionate about disease prevention and addressing health care costs. I support flood mitigation solutions, business success and believe that smaller government and less regulation is best for the 83rd District.”  
Council member Terry Keiser asked council members to consider donating to dog park, individually and as a council. Keiser agreed to formally bring the topic of a council donation to the table as a motion at a later meeting. The dog park committee continues to raise funds for the project.
 Village Administrator Jamie Hall updated council members on numerous projects. Hall was happy to report that the major water leak which had yet to be located at the time of the last council meeting were found. Major leaks were identified at Gilbert & Lehr and at the location of the West Side Storm Sewer project. Additionally, Hall discussed the upgrades being made to the Village phone systems.
“We have been working with JB Networks upgrading our internet ability and conductivity between Village facilities,” Hall said. “This was for an immediate benefit for internet speed, ability to share computer files between departments and lower cost. A part of this process was also to prepare for possible voice over internet phone system, which is now available.”