Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

I was born in Lima and graduated from Perry High School.

What brought you to this area? Or kept you here?

I moved to Ada in 2009 because I wanted to live in a community that was close to my family, was family-oriented, and had a good school system. I stayed because that was exactly what I found! There are so many opportunities for my children and myself to be involved in the community. My children attend Ada Schools and are active in clubs and sports. I am able to work close by at ONU. Through involvement in Ada Schools, ONU, Ada Family Center, and the Kenton Hardin Health Department, my family has met really amazing individuals who have not only enriched our lives, but enrich the community.

What is your occupation?

I am a Registered Nurse, Assistant Professor of Nursing at ONU, and mom to two great kids.

Why do you love what you do?

I have always loved to learn, help others, and teach others. I love nursing because I am able to help others during some of the worst and best times of their lives. It is a privilege to be able to care for someone physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually during those times. Because health care in continuously changing, I am also always learning. I love to teach nursing students and watch them grow into confident, caring RNs. I am always impressed by their motivation to learn, service to the community, and caring for the health and welfare of others.

What is your favorite thing about this community?

My favorite thing about the Ada and Hardin County community is that it is family- oriented and has a lot of great people. As I mentioned, I love that we live in a family- oriented community with so much to do within the county. We don’t have to travel far to see a movie, bowl, go to the park or pool, ride bikes, attend a community event, go to the library, eat at a restaurant, or attend church. Although we live in a small village, there is always something to do or someone new to meet. The people in this community are really what make it great. Since moving to Ada, we have met great friends and an awesome church family, seen the friendliness and willingness of community members to help others, and have worked with amazing faculty, staff, and students at ONU. I have been impressed by the large number of community members who work, through employment and/or volunteer hours, to make the community a better place to work and live.

What are you involved in within the community?

I attend Ada Family Center. I am a board member of the Kenton Hardin Health Department and the Ohio League for Nursing. I am a faculty adviser for Colleges Against Cancer, the student organization that oversees the Relay for Life at ONU, and Northern Nursing Without Borders, a student organization that travels to the Dominican Republic every May for a medical mission trip.

What are some of your hobbies?

I spend most of my free time with family and friends. During the school year, I am pretty busy running back and forth from work, school, school events, and sporting events. During the summer, I spend a lot of time reading and relaxing with my kids at the Ada pool, riding bikes, or playing video games.