On Sunday, June 18, a group of girl scouts began a journey that actually started nearly a decade ago. Troop 20301 decided when they were in elementary school that they wanted to take a trip to Savannah, Georgia, the birthplace of their founder, Juliette Low Gordon. Over one hundred years ago, Gordon began a movement that would encourage girls to meet the world with confidence and character and do their part to make it a better place. In a time when women didn’t even have the right to vote, Girl Scouts blazed trails and redefined what was possible for themselves and for girls everywhere.

Every year in January, the girls of Troop 20301 kick off one of the most well known fundraisers- cookie sales. Troops traditionally use their hard earned cookie money for activities and supplies for the following year, but this group of young ladies worked hard earning as much as they could. For the past six years the girls saved their cookie money towards the trip. 20301 is a multi-level troop, meaning it’s members are different ages and levels within the Girl Scout program. Members are Cassie Decker (USV), Kara Manning(Ada), Katherine and Allison Moore (USV), Melanie Butterfield (Harrod), Miranda Kirkpatrick(Allen East) and Maudie Decker(USV). The girl’s moms, most of which are either troop leaders or helpers, also went on the trip creating some really special mother-daughter moments along the way.

The six day trip began with two vans packed full of Girl Scout cheer. They drove through Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina before making it to Georgia. The girls insisted they stop in every state to snap a photo and scoop up a few road trip memories. As soon as they arrived in Savannah, the Girl Scout fun began with an Old Town Trolley Tour which shuttled them through some of the best parts of Savannah.

Day two in Savannah started with a trip to the Girl Scout Headquarters. The troop enjoyed learning about Juliette Low and her life, as well as the history of Girl Scouts. See Scouts/Page 3

They enjoyed seeing all the different uniforms worn by girls over the years. Later that day, the girls took a tour of the birthplace of Juliette Low Gordon where the girls enjoyed seeing her things and sitting on the furniture she once sat on. For dinner that night, the troop ate at the Seventeen and Ninety Inn where they participated in an etiquette program that taught them about table etiquette and the right way to wear a corsage. According to the girls, the best part was that their etiquette instructor made each of them a corsage out of ribbons and a blowpop.

The once in a lifetime learning and experiences continued on the next day. The troop got the opportunity to take a drive through tour of the Wormsloe Plantation, which holds the oldest standing structure in Savannah. The former home and plantation of Noble Jones, one of the original colonists who arrived in Savannah with General James Oglethorpe in 1733, Wormsloe offers a precious glimpse into the lives of Georgia’s earliest European settlers. Next the girls visited Old Fort Jackson. Fort Jackson is the oldest standing brick fortification, and a national historic landmark. The troop ended the day with a thrilling experience at Escape Savannah, an immersive room escape adventure. At Escape Savannah, the girls and their moms had to solve riddles and clues within a set timeframe to escape the room. “They give you an hour to escape, and our girls finished in 50 minutes,” Angela Decker said proudly.

On the last day of the Savannah trip, the girls traveled to Tybee Island where they participated in the Tybee Ecology program and enjoyed both a dolphin and a lighthouse tour. Cassie Decker, the oldest member of the troop reflected on the long awaited trip. “I have always wanted to go so that my troop and I could see where girl scouts started and how it has impacted different towns and families,”said Decker. The trip clearly exceeded the hopes of both the girls and their moms. On their last day in Georgia, the girls of Troop 20301 proudly held their bridging ceremony, a symbol of growth and a continuation of their Girl Scout journey, on the beach of Tybee Island.