'Two Men and a (Snow Plow) Truck.' Ada village road crew members Joe Hefner (left) and Tim Howard were 'gettin 'er done' virtually all weekend.
'Two Men and a (Snow Plow) Truck.' Ada village road crew members Joe Hefner (left) and Tim Howard were 'gettin 'er done' virtually all weekend. (photo submitted)

ADA — “The Blizzard of 2019” came to Ada Saturday, and points all over the country as well.

Okay so it wasn’t the famed “The Blizzard of ’78,” or anything. But it had elements of that.

There was a lot of snow, significant wind, and “Polar Vortex” Arctic-temperatures that followed. Some seven to 10 inches of snow fell in Ada, amidst swirling wind, over a period of about 14 hours on Saturday.

And while a snowmobiler’s Heaven, for the Village road crew — not so much.

Village Administrator Jamie Hall was not only at the epicenter of the snow clean-up strategy, but he was also, for a good deal of the weekend, behind the wheel of what’s colloquially referred to at the village garage as the “Top Kick” truck.

Metaphorically think Top Gun’s F-15, with a big snow plow. This behemoth is responsible for plowing all the major Ada arteries, like Main Street, North Street, and such.

Hall said all three village trucks, and a sidewalk plowing vehicle, were not working totally around the clock, but close, on Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday.

In his five years with the village, Hall said this is definitely one of the biggest snowstorms he’s seen. What’s more, Hall said besides his crew, virtually every homeowner was out either shoveling or snow-blowing on Sunday.

And, Hall smiled, every person with a pick-up truck with a plow who had been “just itching to get out,” was, indeed, out.

And just west of the ONU campus Sunday afternoon, a group of some 10 snowmobilers was spotted. And around town there was no shortage of four-wheelers on the roads as well.

The scene, in fact, made the village seem more like a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Hall added that he would rate his crew as having done a phenomenal job clearing the roads. And some ONU students may well say ditto for the sidewalks.

At the height of the blizzard mid-Saturday evening (when people were being warned to stay inside, etc.), all kinds of ONU students were, nonetheless — and having a great time at that — walking about uptown on amazingly passable sidewalks for the conditions. In anticipation of this ‘Student Blizzard Night Out” possibility, Hall had sent the sidewalk clearing plow uptown a bit earlier in the day.