The Hardin County Airport in Kenton will soon see renovations made to its venue. The office of Senator Sherrod Brown recently announced that 17 of Ohio's airports will be seeing upgrades with the $7,453,629 that will be funding the projects throughout Ohio.

Senator Brown said that the grants "will be disbursed through the Federal Aviation Administration to 17 projects across the state. Funds will be used at local airports for runway construction and renovation, performing necessary maintenance and infrastructure development."

Locally, the Hardin County Airport will receive $101,427 of those monies. The money will be used to seal cracks within the 4,800-foot-long runway, along with the trimming of some trees. Hardin County Airport Board of Advisors member David Haushalter said that work on the runway is expected to start by the end of summer between August and September. He explained that the money is just being used for routine maintenance and that the runway is typically sealed every 10 years. Haushalter explained the importance of sealing the runway so that it doesn't deteriorate, which can result in planes sucking up loose stones, damaging the engine. Hardin County is the only local county who will be receiving grant money for upgrades.

"These funds will help promote economic development by allowing for critical airport infrastructure upgrades," Brown said. "They will help improve the safety, capacity and life span of Ohio's airports."

Haushalter added that the Hardin County Airport wasn't just selected by luck and that each year they apply for federal funding. In 2008, the board decided to extend the runaway nearly 600 feet.

"We paid for that, the federal government didn't support us," Haushalter noted. He continued that a personal jet landed at the airport recently, which would not have been possible had it not been for the extension.

"Whether you have a plane or not, general citizens of Hardin County can take advantage of the offerings of the airport. Residents could charter a plane to pick them up here at the Hardin County Airport," said Haushalter. "It's another mode of transportation that I think is often overlooked. It can be beneficial in certain circumstances."

Haushalter said reports that portions of the money would be used to construct a terminal building are not true.