Wilbur Worthington was from the Ada area. Crowe hopes for some of these banners to honor Ada veterans.
Wilbur Worthington was from the Ada area. Crowe hopes for some of these banners to honor Ada veterans. (Image submitted)

HARDIN COUNTY — No one would have imagined.

Certainly not Roger Crowe.

He was hoping for maybe 40, tops.

He, instead, got 225 — and counting.

That is, there are now 225 “military banners” all over Kenton. Military banners honoring local people who have served.

In fact, just a little less than a year into the project, Crowe, who coordinates it and is a Hardin County Commissioner, is now offering it to municipalities throughout the county.

He was at an Ada Village Council Meeting recently to propose the idea.

During a follow up interview, Crowe explained that the idea for him started percolating when he visited Liberty Benton and saw these military banners.

Not long after, he got an unsolicited call from a county resident proposing military banners.

‘Why not?’ He thought.

He targeted Kenton first.

Crowe went to Kenton City Council, he talked to Veterans groups, and anyone else who would listen. And they did.

Orders started coming in.

For $115 you could order a banner for a light pole, or other poles, and you would also get a miniature military flag for your garden, a cemetery plot, or wherever.

The first order came from a Kenton high school buddy whose friend had been killed in Vietnam. Even though the serviceman’s family wasn’t in the area anymore, the memories were.

From that first order back in March of last year, 225 military banners have gone up in Kenton. They, initially, were meant to just go around the courthouse, “…but now they are all throughout town,” Crowe smiled.

Each banner has a photograph of the person being remembered, their name, branch of the service, conflict they may have been involved in… Nine of them, for instance, are Hardin County residents who were all killed in the South Pacific during World War II’s “ Battle of Munda.”

Crowe added that while he never served in the military, he has “tremendous respect” for those who do. And this is a way, he said, of showing his appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made.

To see a good deal of samples of the banners flying in Kenton, go to: trooopbanners.com/hardincounty.