By Marin Cook

Herald Correspondent

ADA — As time goes on, the world becomes more and more modernized and improved in all over the world. Even Ada, is taking new steps every day to become more modern for its population. From school improvements to construction, the village is adapting to a rapidly changing world.

One of the significant recent improvements in the village is at the local library. This past Saturday, April 28, the Ada Public Library hosted a grand re-opening, a formal introduction of renovations to its existing building, as well as its newly constructed addition. Beginning with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 a.m., the library’s staff and special guests provided a variety of entertainments celebrating this milestone. Along with the ubiquitous snacks and refreshments, a clown making balloon animals was on hand to entertain the library’s younger patrons, who were also treated to a host of craft-making opportunities.

While the frolic and fun were a big draw, the true star of the day was the library itself. The idea for renovating and expanding the library has been in the works for many years now, but Library Board President Connie Fleming remarked the final decision to begin building was made in July of 2017. The library board chose Garmonn Miller of New Bremen as the architect and Studer-Oberinger of New Washington as the contractor through a bidding process.

The Ada Public Library has a multitude of programs for almost anyone who is interested. Their programs include things such as; an ancestry research, retirement information meetings, adult coloring, knitting club, Amish book club, teen board game nights,

homeschool chess club, story time for all ages, and pearler bead making. So it was only fitting that with the adoption of more and more programs, more and more space became necessary. And not only did the library offer more programs, but attendance at each also mounted. One of the most successful programs at the library is the summer reading program. During the summer of 2017 the library counted an outstanding number of almost three hundred members to their summer reading program. These factors are what contributed to the decision to expand the library.

Not only did the library renovate the interior they also expanded and added what is now referred to as a community room. During the grand opening this room was used for snacks and refreshments but will become useful for the many programs or meetings the library hosts.

Aside from the activities that took place saturday to commemorate this memorable day, Brian Bauman attended and brought a gift. Bauman is a representative from the office of congressman Bob Latta in Findlay and he brought with him an American flag to present to the library board and staff. This is a monumental day for the library as well as for the community. With the improvements made the library board and staff hope to reach out to more of the public and better accommodate their regular patrons.

Fleming is very proud of the changes they have made with the library, but noted it was a team effort.

“We have a fantastic staff,” she said. “Throughout the entire process of renovations, we remained open for business except for only one week and the staff handled it very well. They adapted well with the construction and patrons and always had smiles on their faces.”

Fleming was also very appreciative of Darlene Bowers who was in charge of — and largely to thank for — all the decorations present during the grand opening.

“I didn’t do it alone,” Bowers said. “I am thankful for all the big help I had.”

The Ada Public Library always has been, and still is today, a great contributor to the community in many aspects. Be sure to visit the library to experience the improvements, many programs, and abundance of books they have for the community.