WILLIAMSTOWN — With Ada opting for “musical fireworks” with the Patriotic Pops at ONU in recent years, a good number of villagers now head to Arrowhead Lake Campground, just five miles east down I-30 in Williamstown, for their Annual Fireworks Night.

The fee is five bucks to get in, and the display rivals that of most municipalities. The fireworks are set off on the west end of a swimming pond there, with people on the east end lining the banks with lawn chairs, blankets, pick-up truck beds…

Attendees actually get “two for the price of one” at this event, with the fireworks also reflecting in the calm pond waters each time.

And actually on this particular night, not only were the fireworks a spectacle, but the sight of some of the younger attendees, adorned with fluorescent glow worms, and such, not only rivalled the fireworks themselves, but gave the appearance that the campground was being visited by aliens, not from Ada (Aliens of Ada? Has a ring to it, huh), but from the planet “Ork,” or something.

Move over Roswell, New Mexico!

[Little fluorescent green guys. Not glow-worm-aided. “Flying saucer” crash, maybe. July 7, 1947.] Google it.