ADA — Bob Simmons, who has been on Ada Village Council for six years, was just elected council president. And he plans to undertake this year’s village projects with gusto.

He said that one of the first priorities was helping orchestrate a sweeping evaluation of staff, across the board, in regard to job descriptions, specific responsibilities, and such.

Simmons, 68, also said that once the weather breaks, the major Lincoln Road Phase III Project will get underway.

He also said that another big priority will be hiring a Water Treatment Plant Supervisor this February. Simmons continued that finding quality Class II Water Treatment Operators is traditionally sometimes hard for municipalities.

Simmons also wants to get a village operated tornado siren. Currently, the only siren in the village is at Ohio Northern University. He said that with more and more severe weather patterns of late, he believes this is a must for the village.

The new president said the village will soon be getting the new, high-tech leaf truck with a remote control for the vacuum. He said, in turn, leaf collection should go a lot smoother this next fall.

In addition, he said the council has been extremely pleased with the newly formatted, and much more detailed (and more categorized), treasurer reports.

And he said he had to mention that he just took his first ride on the much-anticipated new elevator in the municipal building the other day, and it went quite smoothly.

What didn’t go as smoothly for Simmons, was Ohio State’s recent playoff loss to Clemson in the college playoffs. Simmons is not only council president now, but he is also president of the Hardin County OSU Alumni Association.

And like with the new leaf truck, Simmons is also looking for an even ‘better showing’ next fall on the Buckeye gridiron as well.