Courtney (with the microphone) has done scored of AHS musical theater productions in the past four years.
Courtney (with the microphone) has done scored of AHS musical theater productions in the past four years. (submitted photo)

ADA — If Ohio had a Golden Globes event, Ada’s Courtney McLaughlin would be center stage.

The Ada High School senior acts, sings, is a cheerleader, has run track and cross country (was even featured in a nationwide Huffy bicycle ad), and she carries a 4.0 cumulative grade point average.

Courtney has performed with the high school’s Varsity Singers for four years. She has also been a guest singer with the local, ultra-popular Nashville Crush country music band (Courtney sang with them at the Ada Wilson Football Drop event last summer, for instance), and she has sung the National Anthem in so many different venues, she knows the song backwards at this point.

She has sung the National Anthem at multiple local school events, at a Toledo Mud Hens game, at a Toledo Walleyes hockey game, and a host of other events.

When she was in fifth grade, Courtney and her mom, Lisa, (and younger sister, Ashley) did a quasi-“Thelma and Louise” cross-country trip to California. They got a studio apartment in Los Angeles, was taken on by one of the top talent agencies there, Maverick Artists, and started, metaphorically, knocking on studio doors.

Over five months, she was cast in multiple small parts, was being considered as one of two audition finalists for a bigger part in a major motion picture (the movie, ultimately, and as happens in Hollywood, got cancelled), and she and her mother got tremendous industry experience in general.

However, the family, ultimately, decided that being apart was not the right thing. And “the girls” came back home. Courtney kept the manager she had in Los Angeles and is currently represented by Heyman Talent, a top agency in Ohio.

Courtney has been cast in a number of independent films, including “Flame of Hope” (see film poster). She played a young girl with epilepsy.

Courtney said he particularly likes singing because “…it allows me to express myself and share my love for music with others.”

After graduation (What’s the bet she sings the National Anthem at the Commencement Ceremony?), she plans to attend ONU where she will major in music.

She, indeed, also continues to have her sights set on the “big screen” one day, but she doesn’t necessarily believe it needs to happen with her being in LA anymore.

“If I am meant to be an actress/singer (on a bigger stage), it will happen whether I’m in California or Ohio,” she said. “It’s all in God’s plan.”