The Ada Public Library is about to undergo some major changes. The current building was build in 1953 and grew in the 60s and 90s to accommodate the growth in it’s community of readers. Once again the little library needs more space. It might be located in a small town, but the Ada Public Library has a big calendar full of summer reading, holiday events, storytimes, book clubs and much more.
 Currently the Library’s bigger events need to be held at other locations. While the staff greatly appreciates the support of locations such as Community Health Professionals and  the United Methodist Church, they know it will be easier on readers to attend events that are held at the library.
“It creates a lot of confusion when some events are here, some at the church and some at CHP,” Library Director Rhett Grant said. “We can eliminate that after the remodeling is done.”
 The expansion and remodeling began just last week and is expected to be complete by the end of February. With it will come a new parking lot, a large programming and community gathering space, much needed updates in the children and teen areas, upgraded technology, increased seating, as well as new carpet and paint. According to a press release from the previous director Amanda Bennett, the majority of the funds for the projected $750,000 expansion and renovations came from trusts left to the Ada Public Library, wisely invested over the years. The Ada Public Library passed a 1 million five-year renewal operating levy on Nov. 8, 2016, but an operating levy states that funds raised can only be used toward the day-to-day operations of the Library, things like heating and cooling, salaries, cost of books. Levy funds do not go toward the building project.
 When the expansion is finished, the new main entrance will face Montford Ave. The children’s section will be updated but remain in the same area. What is currently the computer area will become additional rows of books, and computers will be moved towards what is currently the entrance. A large community and program room will be added on the north side of the building. While the circulation desk will stay in it’s location, it will get a makeover as well to provide more functionality.
 The project will be completed in phases, allowing for the library to operate as close to normal as possible. This week the children and youth section was cleared out. Picture books now line the reading room. Ada’s little readers don’t seem to mind one bit, as they can look through their options more easily with everything in rows on the floor. The next few months will no doubt be inconvenient at times, but the staff as well as their patrons all are excited about the great things to come.