The Ada Pool is now considered a "village gem" by Village Administrative Assistant Angela Polachek - Ada Herald
The Ada Pool is now considered a "village gem" by Village Administrative Assistant Angela Polachek. (file photo)

ADA — Tuesday’s Ada Village Council meeting saw 2019 committee appointment announcements, and an “Annual Mayor’s Report” that not only summarized last year’s and this year’s village projects, but also included the rather non-political speak word: “gobbledygook.”

And I’ll get to that shortly.

But first It was noted at the meeting that the start of the $750,000 Municipal Building Renovations Project is slated for early spring, and is scheduled to be completed by fall. A motion to open the bids for the project is scheduled for next Village Council meeting.

Mayor Dave Retterer highlighted, among a number of 2018 projects, completion of the Municipal Pool Upgrade Project.

In an interview before the meeting, Village Administrative Assistant Angela Polachek, who winked and said she’s in charge of, basically, “…anything that comes across my desk,” referred to the pool now as an absolute “village gem.”

“We did everything but dig the existing pool out,” she said.

Some of the upgrades included a brightly colored “splash pad” and other modern pool ‘fun features,’ if you will. What’s more, the concession stand was totally redone, including a set of appliances, and such, to now allow for making “hot food” like hot dogs, pizza and, of course, the ultimate Midwestern culinary favorite: nachos and cheese.

Ms. Polachek noted that there are now currently only two public pools in Hardin County, the other being in Kenton.

Another project slated for next year is the Willeke Street Phase II Project. The mayor noted that the first stretch of Willeke, which was a “complete street rebuild,” was finished in 2018.

Ms. Polachek said this second phase will include new water lines, sewer lines, new street paving and sidewalks.

And now the “gobbledygook” thing…

The mayor noted in his report that the amalgam of good, solid planning around these types of projects, in tandem with, say, smooth maintenance and operation of village departments, all done under the umbrella of prudent fiscal responsibility… add up to “decades of responsible management of the village”

And while this might seem like a lot of “hogwash and gobbledygook” (read: simply too good, and simplistic, to be true), said the mayor, it, in fact, has been the ongoing ‘state of the village.’

As a counter-balance to this, the federal government now floats on a sea of $20 trillion of debt, and counting. The Village of Ada, on the other hand, finished the year, as it has every year since anyone can remember, in the black.

“I don’t think they allow you to go into the red,” smiled the mayor, attributing this to sound, common sense monitoring of village revenues, wages, assets and investments, by council and other entities.

Note: Another village project on the 2019 agenda includes the “Ream Street Project,” a segment of which is on University Avenue and would then complete the entire Ream Street Project.

Note 2: During an Organizational Meeting, prior to the regular Council Meeting, Committee Chairs were assigned for 2019. The following is a list of those Chairs: Safety Committee: Jeff Oestreich; Personnel Committee: Cathy Cole; Finance Committee: Don Fleming; Buildings & Grounds Committee: Bob Simmons; Streets Committee: Terry Keiser; Utilities Committee: Ken Lauria. Don Flemming stays Village Council President.