Saturday, September 21, 2019
  • To the Editor,

    I understand that the Public School System is adopting a new curriculum that does not teach cursive writing, stating that it is no longer needed in this country because everyone is texting. They say even spelling is becoming obsolete and will be eliminated also, since abbreviations are being used instead in texting.

  • To the Editor,

    As an Instructor at Ada High School and Supervisor at Apollo Career Center, I strongly support both levies on the May 7 ballot. There are many challenges facing the financial situations in our educational system, but the need to sustain the excellent educational programs is vital.
  • To the Editor,

    I am asking for Ada voters' support for Apollo Career Center. Apollo has a 1 mill levy on the ballot. Although the language is long and complicated, it will only cost a homeowner $2.56 a month for a $100,000 home. Apollo will receive funds from the state to renovate and add on to our current facilities if the levy passes.
  • To the Editor,

    These are tough times. Upper Scioto Valley is still in recovery mode, but none the less has adopted a heritage of taking care of our students and we can't let them or one another down now.
  • To the Editor,

    I am writing this letter to give recognition to some special people that made our Winter Wonderland a success during the seven seasons that we were at the Ada Park. Without the help of these fine folks, it would not have been as beautiful as it turned out each year.
  • To the Editor,

    Council and Mr. Mayor, do you know the meaning of discriminate or discrimination? Dictionary defines as: distinguish, differentiate. To make a difference in treatment on a basis other than individual merit.
  • To the Editor,

    As some of you may have already heard, there will be no Christmas lighting at the Ada Park this next season. We understand there were complaints about the long time it took to get the displays down.
  • To the Editor,

    My Grandmother, Helen Doersham McClure, proud AHS graduate, 1933; my mother Judith McClure Lasko, proud AHS graduate, 1954. Myself, Arlene Lasko Allison, proud AHS graduate, 1993. We are not the only family that values the generations of excellence in our community and school.
  • Dear Editor:

    Thank You to the people of Ada! During the month of May, Super Wash car washes across the country participated in an annual Food Raiser. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to local food pantries. We are thrilled to announce that nationally donations totaled $66,500. A donation has been made in the amount of $723 to your local food pantry. Thanks, Ada, for your patronage which resulted in this donation.
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