To the Editor,

I understand that the Public School System is adopting a new curriculum that does not teach cursive writing, stating that it is no longer needed in this country because everyone is texting. They say even spelling is becoming obsolete and will be eliminated also, since abbreviations are being used instead in texting.

How will future generations sign checks, contracts, wills, passports, buy and sell, get a drivers license or use their signature to make anything official such as business letters and documents? Your written signature is required on many transactions. Think of how many times you have signed official documents and they require that you do it in cursive!

Our children are going to be the leaders of tomorrow for this country and I think the time in school should be spent keeping them as literate as possible! Think of all the things they will not be able to read, which are written in cursive: Our original founding documents were all written in cursive, such as The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. Old family letters and official documents such as Certificates of Marriage, Baptism and Death were all in cursive. This is part of "The Dumbing down of America" as well as the destruction of the freedoms of our great country. How will they know when they are being taken advantage of? The Public School System was originally set up to raise the literacy rate in this country and to prevent a class system in which only the wealthy could afford to fully educate their children and the poor were left to always be the poor and uneducated.

People do not even know what the schools have been forced to accept in exchange for some federal money! Our country's future is at stake!

I urge everyone to contact their legislators and voice your concerns! They are the ones who should be stopping this! I do not blame our local schools as they are being ordered to do this and have no choice in the matter! But I think The Boards of Education should refuse to enact this new destructive curriculum. Eventually even History and Science are to be phased out while Sex Education is to be taught from Kindergarten on up!

Teresa Bell, Ada