To the Editor,

Council and Mr. Mayor, do you know the meaning of discriminate or discrimination? Dictionary defines as: distinguish, differentiate. To make a difference in treatment on a basis other than individual merit.
Everyone attended your original meeting on the concrete streets project. Mr. Retterer, Mayor (who represents all people in Ada) should have recognized it was inappropriate to exclude a portion of the people who are affected by this project. Mr. Fleming said at original meeting, "council knows what is best" and it's for future development. Truth be told, you just want "uniformity", like new homes and streets. One could argue this is a means of "Bullying" residents of the "Views" into what you want! Mr. Fleming doesn't care; he will not be paying assessment fees on E. Lima. No one on council lives on these streets yet claims to know what is best. Zoning has changed for new homes being built, so don't penalize home owners whose homes were built prior! Take these sidewalks and put them where truly needed, at the Ada school for kids who walk to/from school!

Individual merit has been neglected and assumed everyone can afford excessive fees. Any consideration there could be retired people on limited income or with health issues? First time homeowners struggling to make ends meet? Single parent households? Unemployed and or looking at foreclosure? Plus maintain sidewalks when it snows! Discussion now with residents is with higher fees/taxes they may not be able to support the school levy! People can't afford more taxes! Can you justify putting families in this difficult situation? It isn't right!

Families pleaded before to get streetlights and sidewalks for this area as a safety concern. Your predecessors said traffic did not warrant their need! Traffic hasn't changed to warrant sidewalks now! Mistake by village then, their lack of vision for the necessity of streetlights! Residents and college kids have to carry flashlights when walking or biking at night!

W. Lima Ave improvement, did any of you realize the damage incurred on the "Views" by heavy equipment using our roads? You allowed them to use so you replace them! Not residents!

Cost critical issue of residents. Adjustments have been made. Why hasn't the fee gone down? Have you spent is someplace else? Residents do not want to sign your forms for anything and feel they deserve consideration and respect like you gave to others! Shame on you for discriminating against our residents!

Kathy Baker, Ada