Dear Editor:

Thank You to the people of Ada! During the month of May, Super Wash car washes across the country participated in an annual Food Raiser. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to local food pantries. We are thrilled to announce that nationally donations totaled $66,500. A donation has been made in the amount of $723 to your local food pantry. Thanks, Ada, for your patronage which resulted in this donation.

In a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet, and when Congress is debating the next Farm Bill potentially affecting access to food stamps, supporting our local food pantries becomes even more critical. According to Feed America's website, $1 can provide eight meals. Supporting the food pantry is an awesome opportunity to make a positive difference right here at home! Please accept our gratitude for your support of the local food pantries through the Super Wash Food Raiser.

Susan E. Black-Beth, COO

Super Wash, Inc.