To the Editor,

My Grandmother, Helen Doersham McClure, proud AHS graduate, 1933; my mother Judith McClure Lasko, proud AHS graduate, 1954. Myself, Arlene Lasko Allison, proud AHS graduate, 1993. We are not the only family that values the generations of excellence in our community and school.
The last time our school asked for additional operating funds was over 20 years ago. I remember, then, the fear of losing the school I was proud to be a part of; losing music, athletics, and academic opportunities in preparation for college.

College admission grows more competitive. Grade point averages and test scores are important, but universities want well-rounded students who held leadership roles in music, athletics, the arts, and student-lead organizations. These programs are a must for school and community success. The Ada schools are a reflection of our village.

When deciding where to raise our children, we wanted them to receive the same excellent education and opportunities we had been blessed with, where teachers care enough to support students in and outside of the classroom, where you can go from competing in an athletic event to performing on stage, to working with the student government, where a village truly helps raise the children. My husband and I chose Ada for our children.

We believe in Ada Schools and the high standings of Ada students. Continue to believe, continue to support and continue the generations of tradition and excellence we have in our community and in our school.


Arlene Allison, Ada