Dear Editor and Residents of Ada,

Our family has lived on Christopher Circle for seven years. We like the quiet and privacy of a sleepy, dead-end street on the outskirts of town.
Residents of our street received a letter on Jun. 22, 2012, regarding the village's plan to repair our aging and crumbled streets. While the letter did inform us of a public meeting and the village's intent to include new sidewalks and lighting with the road repairs, it made no mention of any action required by residents.

We have since learned that our opportunity to question or challenge the project was within days from receipt of the letter, although neither the timeframe, nor the process, were indicated in the June 22 letter.

The public meeting was held in November. It was standing room only and a survey was shared with Council indicating that most residents did not want sidewalks. The residents shared the following reasons why sidewalks are not wanted:

Sidewalks are unnecessary on dead end streets

Want to avoid excess costs beyond necessary road repair

Want to avoid the unnecessary removal of trees and shrubs

Want to minimize the excess assessment fee to impacted residents

Many front yards would be significantly impacted/reduced by required footage needed for sidewalk installation

Many lots not designed for sidewalks, yard depths vary greatly

Some driveways have inappropriate slope for sidewalks

Very little pedestrian traffic; there is nowhere to go

Street is very safe, no accidents in 30+ years

Very low car traffic on streets

Sidewalks create new liability and responsibility to shovel sidewalks

The Council voted to proceed with sidewalks and is standing by an ordinance passed in 2006 requiring mandatory sidewalks for all "new" developments. (The Christopher Circle development was established over 30 years ago.) We would like council to reconsider their decision to require mandatory sidewalks on an already established, dead end street with mature trees.

We feel our request is reasonable. The residents of Christopher Circle will continue to share this story.

Thank you,

Lisa and Mike Fell