A few weeks ago my cell phone jumped into the toilet. No, I did not drop it into the toilet although I have done this before. Somehow my unlucky side reared its ugly head and after tripping over the dog while trying to sneak out of the bedroom post bedtime routine, the phone flew out of my hands into the bathroom (which I wasn’t even in!) and magically lands in the toilet.

I laugh out loud as recall the whole process. In the moment, however, I was devastated! As a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom, my smart phone was my life line out! From texting friends to googling medicine doses, to enjoying facebook drama, to snapping quick photos, to ending backseat meltdowns…it did everything!

In a time when our focus is on saving money and avoiding wasteful purchases, I knew instantly that I would have to find a way to survive without my smart phone until we were due to upgrade. To my surprise transitioning myself back to the land of “dumb” phones wasn’t as bad as I expected. It saved us money, which no matter who you are, is always a plus! But more than that it has made my life more thoughtful and more real.

I couldn’t just import my contacts, so I went a few days with noone but my very close family in my reference list. It makes you realize how many people need you in their lives and care about you when you go technologically MIA for a day or two.

A big perk that I didn’t foresee was how much extra time I had. Simply by going from smart phone to a basic no-frill no-data phone, I was able to play more, read more and write more. When I had my smart phone I had no idea how much of my day was wasted online!

Losing all the bells and whistles that come with a smart phone made me wake up and depend more on myself than my phone. I now need to plan directions ahead, bring my real camera and look up phone numbers and addresses before I left home. Some might call it a hassle, having to do the things I do now, but I now no longer feel that panic when I can’t locate my phone. It is a sense of great personal freedom knowing I am not dependent on a tiny box of technology. We all know how reliable technology is…not!

As our upgrade gets closer and closer I can’t help the feeling of dread. I do really want a new shiny all-in-one smart phone but I feel like to get it I have to give up a piece of my life. Do I want to be staring at a touch screen or watching my girl learn to ride her bike? Should I glance down to check my convenient map quest or keep my eyes on the road so I see the car that just ran a red light? Of course I enjoy having my friends and family’s news photos ideas at the tap of a fingertip, but I have learned that all that information will still be there in the evenings…after I was fully present for every shared story, every belly laugh, every “Mommy I need you.”