To the Editor,

I’m old school and I thought local government worked for us and had our best interest in mind. I’ve lived on Pleasantview Street in Ada for 41 years and there has never been a “No Parking” policy on the north side of the street, ever! Before the street repair, there was no parking on the south side of the street with “No Parking” signs posted, to assure traffic flow.

On Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 5 p.m., we carpooled to Ada High School wrestling match in Delphos vs. Delphos St. Johns. My daughter, who does not live in the subdivision, parked her car in front of my house on the north side of the street. Approximately two and a half hours later, we arrived back home to discover a $20 parking ticket on my daughter’s car. Thinking this was a joke, my daughter goes to the police station and calls to inform me that she is told that there is a “No Parking” sign on the corner. I checked the corner out and discovered there is not a “No Parking” sign on Pleasantview at all. But approximately 70 yards up at the intersection on Northernview, there is a sign.

I live in the subdivision and never noticed the sign and I can certainly understand why someone who does not live in the subdivision would miss the sign, especially in the evening. We have all heard of speed traps, but this is the first time I’m aware of a “parking trap”.

Everyone who lives on Pleasantview was assessed at least $5,500 (not including interest) for the street repair. Now we can’t even park on the street! So when we have a family (Christmas, birthday, etc) gathering, I can only invite enough people with vehicles to fill my driveway.

Here is a thought. If you are going to change historical parking policy, have the consideration to communicate that to your constituents. If you are going to issue parking tickets on a street, have the common sense to put up “No Parking” signs on the side of the street where you’re issuing the tickets. My daughter should be reimbursed for that $20 ticket fee!

Gary Gardner, Ada