To the Editor,

I love farming and everything that comes with it: the outdoors, the fresh air, corn popping from the soil in rows across the field. Most of all, I love the people in agriculture and the work that we accomplish, namely providing a plentiful food supply for the country. I take issue when we are attacked.

When hearing derogatory words about GMO crops, Popeye’s words come to mind, “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more."

Articles/commentaries I read over and over again want to “claim” negatives with GMO crops. I thought it was necessary to get the facts out.

Fact: With GMO crops we have less insect crop damage and less competition from weeds which equates to more grain production with GMO crops which results in a more plentiful and cheaper food supply. Fact: Less herbicide has been used since the inception of GMO crops. On our farm we use 50 percent less herbicide on our corn crop than we did before GMO crops. Fact: Less chemical insecticide is used since the inception of GMO crops. Twenty years ago almost every corn planter in the country came equipped with insecticide applicators. Today, virtually all new corn planters do not. Fact: No one has ever gotten sick from eating a GMO crop. Yes there are studies out there by rogue “so called” scientists that claim this or that, but when these “so called” studies are evaluated by other scientists they cannot be substantiated. They are deemed flawed.

Recently when a big snow storm was predicted, I went to the store to get some eggs. By the time I got there all of the eggs were gone, or so I thought. Upon further inspection I found some organic eggs, in fact quite a few, but they were significantly higher in price. Another of my favorite sayings came to mind “the early bird gets the worm!” Then I thought…the saying for this situation should be “the early bird needs the worm.”

I challenge those of you out there that “run down” GMO crops to drive every street of Hardin County. You would see that there are a lot of people out there that struggle financially. They do not have a lot of money to spend on food. GMO crops ensure a cheaper, safer and more plentiful food supply for this country. Many of the people that like to bash GMO crops are fortunate financially and have plenty of food in their refrigerators. The next time you “GMO bashers” want to spread unsubstantiated fear among the public and make it more difficult for farmers to operate, think about local families who depend on affordable food. FACT: Americans spend a lower percentage of their income on food than anywhere else in the world. I love being a farmer and I want to keep the United States as the leader in agriculture.

Ted Griffith

Ada, Ohio