Wednesday, August 5, 2020
  • With school right around the corner, bullying has been on my mind. My little kindergartener is pretty outgoing and social, so I am really not worried about her. She is a kind and loving person and while programs and bulletin boards are great, I really believe that the true solution is in the hands of our children. While reading another parenting blog, I came across a letter that a mom wrote for her third grader.

  • It seems to be something everyone wants but yet no one believes we can ever have. World peace means no more fighting, no more power struggles, no more hatred. Is that even possible? If it is possible, how do we get there? We have to start small, and by small I mean with our children. I do believe people can change, but let's be honest - adults carry so much baggage that it is difficult to get them to let go and accept new ways.
  • I have been called a perfectionist a few, well many, times in my life. In high school I took it as a compliment from coaches and teachers, which was how they intended it. Life, however, is nothing like high school. The struggles and stressors that seem to ruin your entire world in high school are tiny bumps in the road of the real world.
  • While swapping "this has been a tough year" stories with a friend, they shared with me some words of wisdom that had once been passed down to them. Something their father had always said was if you and everyone around you all tossed your problems into a sack and then you got to take turns drawing new problems, you would pray that you got your own back.

  • A Mother is.....
    A Mother is an amazing person...a woman. The child creates the mother...a woman is already there but it is the child that defines a woman as a mother. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Many people avoid the phrase "what if" because it is usually thought of as a negative. What if the drive is too long...what if I fail the test...what if I don't get the job. It is human nature to fear the unknown. We like to stay put in our comfort zone...even if that zone makes us less than the moment it feels safe.
  • When I was pregnant with my first child I did everything I could to ensure that she was happy and healthy inside my belly. I gave up caffeine, took my vitamins and ate special foods along the way to support different stages of development.
  • I have been on an interesting journey in 2013. Somewhere around the middle of March, I stopped feeling sorry for myself about all the hard things I had been enduring. I realized that I was actually lucky and really needed to embrace all the wonderful things that I do have in my life.
  • Many people still believe in the bedtime strategy termed "cry it out" which is a method where the child is put to bed and then allowed to cry/fuss for a set amount of time or until they fall asleep. Overtime some kids fuss for less and less amounts of time before falling asleep, while others scream until exhaustion sets in and they have no tears left.
  • I realized something this week about how we act behind closed doors. Home is often thought of as a place where we can relax and let our hair down...but ask yourself you act differently towards your family or friends when you know someone is watching?
  • This week I have to stand up against something much bigger than me. I have been fighting a battle the last few months that has been one of the hardest roads I have ever walked down. Many people standing in my shoes would have shrugged their shoulders and walked away...and honestly I can't blame them. Standing up for what is right is worth the pain that is felt throughout the fight.
  • I can not count the number of times this year that I have heard someone say "dang you sure have had some bad luck." After about the hundredth bad luck comment, I started to wonder if everyone was right. Does my family just have bad luck? It didn't settle well with think we were just on an endless string of unfortunate accept that mind set really questioned my faith. I believe in the broken road...that the journey is as important as the destination if not maybe even more important
  • On Feb. 12, at 10:20 a.m., my life flashed before my eyes. I was hit head on by a vehicle that was traveling 55 mph, when I pulled into oncoming traffic. I had glanced into my back seat when I came to the stop sign; I was distracted and pulled into the intersection without looking both ways and by the time I noticed the other vehicle it was too late.
  • Takin' the Road Less Traveled is a life philosophy that means making the hard decisions for the right reasons. Sometimes it is the hard road that brings about the best results.
  • The Craft Connection
    Fun in my house usually comes with glitter, paint, and markers. During the month of December I started a new tradition. It was called 25 days of Christmas Crafts and I enlisted the help of a toy elf named Izzy Miracle (named by my 5 yr old) to create excitement among my little girls. Each day leading up to Christmas the elf surprised them with a craft idea from the North Pole.
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