A Mother is an amazing person...a woman. The child creates the mother...a woman is already there but it is the child that defines a woman as a mother. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.
Some don't meet their children on the day they were born...some don't get to see their children everyday...some are stationed miles away...but that doesn't matter. From the moment a woman becomes a mother...her life changes forever. She stops making choices for herself...and begins making choices based on how it will affect her children. A mother will carry her children in her arms for a little while, but will hold them in her heart forever.

A mother is......

Made of love and compassion

Often the last in line...ensuring her children have everything they need

Tough...carrying many burdens on her shoulders to lighten others load

Heals every injury...every fear...with a simple hug

Encourages her children to chase their dreams

Rewarded by the happiness of her children